Thursday, September 10, 2009 Users Threaten to Take Down

Wow, the kids on won't stop crying about being exposed. As you already know, the users on have attempted to rig a pathetic online poll just to get "lulz and bitter tears" out of the fanboys who actually give a damn about this sort of thing.

Well once their actions were exposed the 4chan brats flew into a rage. Many of them spent days trying to rig this online poll in their favor. Only to have someone come along and expose their actions. And if everyone knows the poll is fixed, the fanboys wont care who wins and the 4chan kids are robbed of their chance for "lulz and bitter tears." All the time they spent trying to hack this poll has been wasted. And now the 4chan brats are the only people crying bitter tears.

They're so angry about this they've actually threatened to take down! In case you don't know, is a news referal site similar to Only n4g (new 4 gamers) focuses strictly on gaming related news and thinly veiled marketing ploys and virals. merely acted as a conduit for this information, but that doesn't matter to the 4chan brats who are looking for a target for their rage. It seems exposing this deception has made them really angry. And the pages of are filled with bitter tears and rage. I guess this is what you get when you waste your life caring about online polls. More as this story develops.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 uses 50 Different Proxies to Sabotage an Online Poll

Following up on yesterdays story, here are more hilarious screenshots from the pages of This time the 4chan kids are instructing their brain dead users to vote using 50 different proxy servers. Only now, their target has change from Master Chief to Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife.

Suddenly some of the people who were once in favor the vote rigging are now crying foul as the tables have turned against the company / character they support. Will all these proxy servers be enough to help the 4chan kids get their way? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GameSpot All Time Greatest Hero Poll Sabotaged by MORE PROOF

The scumbags at continue to ruin GameSpot's All Time Greatest Hero Poll. This time they are using anonymous proxy servers to accomplish their goals. This unaltered image is a recent screen capture from the image board. It shows detailed instructions on how to use a proxy server to cast multiple votes. Certain users in this very topic have proudly claimed they have voted over 600 times.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of photoshop can prove this image is 100% legit. Also the technique described in this image works, further proving the poll is easily rigged.

The GameSpot staff knows about this problem and they continue to ignore it. Why? Because the whole contest is nothing more than a hit grab anyway. They just want the traffic spike and they dont care if the contest gets rigged. The more outrage there is the more hits they get. GameSpot is spitting in the face of its own users.

Monday, September 7, 2009

GameSpot's All Time Greatest Hero Poll RIGGED: MORE PROOF

This image details a widely known voting bug that can be exploited in order to vote in the poll multiple times.

GameSpot's All Time Greatest Hero Poll Rigged: HERE'S PROOF

Here is a screen cap directly from It shows an automated voting script designed specifically to rig GameSpot's All Time Greatest Hero Poll. Just run this script and you will place an automated vote for Bub and Bob every 10 seconds!